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The project

After the cancellation of numerous jobfairs and events, which focus on orienting students towards their first job, we had the feedback from many students that  they were lost regarding the start of their professional career. To better understand their needs, we've conducted a survey amongst 1.000 young graduates, and we've observed that :

  • 47% of graduates are lost due to the current Covid-19 situation. They have no idea which companies are still hiring and are impacted by the cancellations of numerous jobfairs and events.

  • +58% of graduates would like to have more contacts with HR recruiters and their future colleagues to ask questions about jobs, the company before applying.

That is why we've decided, and Winch, to launch CareerBuddy !

CareerBuddy is a conversation platform connecting candidates with employees (HR, Business,..) via a tailored recruitment chat.


  • CareerBuddy allows students to ask all their questions to company ambassadors so they can make a well-considered first job choice.

  • For companies and their ambassadors it’s the perfect opportunity to convince graduating students why their company is the right match.


The team


Matthieu Verstraete

Associate partner at

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Héloïse Loumaye

Customer Succes Manager

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An-Sofie De Loddere

Customer Succes Manager

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Ben Vanparys

Associate partner at

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Cédric Goffeau

Founder at WINCH

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Florence Loumaye

Managing Partner at

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